Monthly Saver Package

  • Two 20 minute one-on-one virtual sessions (phone or video call)

  • A simplified and more affordable option for those seeking nutrition help

  • Sessions are spaced out every other week

  • Available for recurring monthly payments

  • Access to RD via Email or Messaging

Cost - $79

3 Month Saver Package

  • Two 15 minute one-on-one virtual sessions per month for 3 months

  • An enhanced version of the monthly saver

  • Prepaid commitment helps with keeping the promise to yourself to improve your health and nutrition

  • Improved outcomes for sticking with your plan and having long-lasting success

  • Access to RD via Email or Messaging

Cost - $199

*15% discount!

What will happen during my sessions?

​First Session:

  • Meet Kristen and get to know each other and your nutrition and health needs

  • Discuss your goals, your main obstacles to those goals, and if you aren't sure-- we'll help you in figuring out where to start.

  • Create a plan and decide what your individual milestones will be.

Follow Up Sessions:

  • Go over your progress and assess areas for improvement

  • Troubleshoot what worked and what didn't from our initial nutrition plan. 

  • Create new goals and achievements

  • Motivation and