personalized nutrition


to you.

(and you only!)


Your own nutrition expert.

Guided by our expert Nutritionist and nationally Registered Dietitian, Kristen Espinosa, MS, RD
you will be taken care of and treated as the unique individual you are! Using her years of nutrition expertise, your coaching plan will be catered to your specific needs. Together, we will create a wellness partnership, always moving at a pace that feels right to you!

Not your average diet plan.

Kristen Espinosa, MS, RD

Founded on the principle that health and nutrition is not "one size fits all". We understand that in order to truly achieve lifelong nutrition and health goals, the help itself must uniquely fit to what works for you. Using a wide range of strategies, including intuitive eating principles, we are here to help your relationship with food, wherever you may be in that process.



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Owner and Lead Dietitian at Roseberry Nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian and nutritionist with a Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition. She has worked with thousands of patients over her career, and along with owning Roseberry Nutrition, she has worked as a Clinical Dietitian at UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Her individualized approach to nutrition will help you feel genuinely heard and listened to, using principles of intuitive eating to guide you into the steering wheel of your own food choices. No foods are wrong and no body size is wrong. The most important thing we want to get "right" is how we think about food and strengthening our "food relationship". Her goal is to reshape your thinking around food and modern diet culture in order to bring about genuine and lasting change from within.

Kristen Espinosa, MS, RD

loving yourself is the greatest revolution